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100% Carbon Neutral
Ambassadors of Italianness. Blending technology with artisan expertise to create an unparalleled product that symbolizes global elegance and refinement. Reaching out strategically to five continents. Allocating consistent yearly financial resources of 5% to research and innovation. Dedicating attention to the synergic potential of new investments, above all in sustainability (100% Carbon Neutral) and in dialogue with clients and consumers, increasingly interested in environmental themes. Constant commitment to internationalization, exporting 90% of production.
Alcantara, based in the heart of Umbria at Nera Montoro, is a typically successful example of the finest Made-in-Italy products, a dynamic and competitive company that is an undisputed leader in the automotive sector and a world leader in the design of auto interiors. A manufacturer and marketer of upholstery materials with the registered trademark of Alcantara, similar to suede and first created in 1970 with a unique proprietary technology merging industrial chemistry and advanced textile design. Automakers that have chosen Alcantara include Lancia, Lexus, SEAT, Peugeot, Tesla and Alfa Romeo, and sports car manufacturers Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati and BMW. Recently, Alcantara has even become a lifestyle choice for major fashion designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Max Mara, Woolrich and Hanae Mori, and leading interior designers.
The premium features that give Alcantara its global prominence are its uniqueness, quality and functionality, the extreme versatility of applications for its products, the great value attributed to sustainability, and its precision in everything it does, particularly when considering the real needs of its clients. But above all it stands out for its interaction with the many worlds in which it participates, from the automotive industry through to design, furnishings, fashion, styling and luxury yachts. The company unites beauty with splendid sensoriality to create a new universe of emotions and sophistication. It focuses strongly on environmental issues, and every year organizes an important international symposium on sustainability in Venice.The company is engaged in constant research, promoted by Alcantara chairman and CEO Andrea Boragno - with an annual investment of 5% of turnover -, in workforce training and in regular skill upgrades.
Alcantara employs some 600 persons at its facility of 450,000 m2 in the province of Terni, unique in all the world, where all production and processing phases are performed, and is also noted for the covering and structural applications of its products in other sectors, from electronics accessories to new trends in bespoke fashions and aeronautics. Alcantara's Applications Development Centre is widely recognized for its capacity to deliver tailor-made solutions studied in collaboration with clients.
Alcantara displays its multifaceted talents in its approach to markets and production sectors, interacting dynamically with them and contributing an abundance of information, understanding their languages, trends and future expectations, and aware of the potential of its products, with their unrivalled variety of applications and possibilities of use. Today, the company is the proprietor of a brand worth more than €100m. Over the last five years it has tripled its operating profit and doubled its turnover to over €120m, outputting six million metres of product and with a very strong presence in Europe, China, the USA and Japan. It places a strong accent on responsible sustainability, and considers itself to be an exemplary model of Made-in-Italy prowess.

Massimiliano Finzi