At the top of the corporate strategy there is
the well-being at the table

Eismann is teaching its customers to eat healthily by following a Mediterranean diet, the “elixir of long life”

Eismann Italia has launched an almost impossible challenge: contrasting what has become a “silent global epidemic” i.e. the widespread phenomenon of obesity with all the ensuing cardiovascular diseases it entails. Obesity is due to a bad diet regarding not just quantities but also the quality of products consumed.
Eismann, leader for over 20 years in the production and home delivery sector of high quality frozen food, has become a champion of the Mediterranean diet. This involves teaching its customers to eat more healthily by starting with the skills that they need in order to choose quality food. Customer health is not something that many large food distribution chains are concerned about. Eismann, on the other hand, has given top priority to healthy food in its company’s strategies, which is why it not only continues meticulously to search for wholesome products, fighting against forgery and imitations, but it is also carrying out an information campaign to promote the Mediterranean Diet. 
According to the World Health Organization, obesity is an illness that starts in childhood and that has an impact on the national budget. An obese child will become an adult who suffers from cardiovascular problems and who needs treatment. Thus carrying out a prevention program and teaching people to eat healthily also means working towards a social objective and contributing to lower public health spending. This is exactly what Eismann is doing with its customers, to the extent that it may even be called a fanatic of the Mediterranean Diet.
The Group’s product list includes extra virgin olive oil made with handpicked olives from the Valle del Belice, pizza made with real mozzarella, not with stretched-curd cheese, and exclusively Italian tomatoes. The products employed are not standard ones that can be found in many supermarkets. Eismann’s codfish fillings are made with the best parts of the fish, not with the scraps. Great care is taken in the production of ready meals and stuffed pasta. What is more, ready meals are not produced by renowned food brands, but by companies that work according to specially commissioned recipes. This means that customers can buy gourmet products and eat them at home at affordable prices.
Eismann was established 40 years ago as a home delivery service of frozen food to avoid a break in the cold chain. After that the company developed a service for other non-frozen products for customers who lived far from large food centres and who wished to receive guaranteed high quality products directly at home.
Eismann has undertaken a relentless fight against food imitation. Chemistry has reached such levels of sophistication that it is now possible to make a chicken cutlet without using any chicken at all with chemical substances that reproduce the flavour. Eismann tests every batch of its products with organoleptic analysis. Customers are taught to read food labels and to uncover false ideas about what is healthy. A fish that is part of the Mediterranean diet is actually unhealthy if it is caught near an industrial plant that pours toxic waste into the sea, and the healthiest vegetables are those that are picked in season, not the ones that are produced with intensive farming methods.
Consumers often choose cheaper products and think that they are good. Eismann offers a guarantee of healthy food so customers are sure that they are eating food of the highest quality.
Eismann Italia has a capillary organization that numbers 52 branches in Italy, over 
one-thousands sales staff, and 240 employees. The company’s turnover exceeds 100 million Euros.
The Group, which has more than 2 million customers and nearly 500 million in revenue, manages to combine productivity and respect for the environment. Using energy as efficiently as possible it is able to save on expenses.
The company’s merchandise is transported in vans that are equipped with electronic devices that measure fuel and limit speed. This system is employed in every country worldwide, and promotion of the Mediterranean diet, the “elixir of long life”, will continue to be the focus of the company’s future strategies.