Italian wellness at the feet
Giving the gift of comfort and well-being to the feet, to give wellness to the person as a whole. One can summarise like this the mission of Fly Flot, the leading company in Italy in the sector of the production of sandals, scuffs, slippers and shoes that make one feel comfortable with elegance. The history of this company of Calvisano, in the province of Brescia, owned by the Migliorati family, is deeply rooted in its area of origin and represents an important element, that certifies the real Made in Italy. The Migliorati family, engaged since the early sixties in the footwear sector, created this reality in a territory, that of the so-called Eastern Lowlands, where the artisanal factories have been able to produce a fully fledged shoe production district after the end of the Second World War, as has also occurred in Fermo, in the Marche region, or at Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso.
The CEO of Fly Flot Srl, Alice Migliorati, born in 1986, with a law degree: labour consultancy and industrial relations, is a woman who has experienced all the areas of the company inside the family business. Her experience and her determination have brought her to lead the company deploying a remarkable ability to bond human resources and especially, together with her partners, an innate vision for the future that takes in due account the values of the past. «In a world that is increasingly globalised – Alice Migliorati explains – the producers have to take their cue from the genius that was expressed by the small workshops that have made the Made in Italy great, managing like this to create some unique products. The match industry-handicraft is a concrete answer to the real needs of the consumer that has made us a world leader. The achievement that we have set ourselves to create our products has been linked to the past, present and future through new technologies and innovative design lines useful to combine in the best way wellness and elegance».
Thanks to these values, the company has managed through the years to become a
reference point for its sector both in Italy and abroad. The FLY FLOT footwear has become famous for their four wellness points: shock absorbing, anatomic, self-moulding and skidproof. The merits of the smoothness of the fabrics and leather complete their qualities.
Top-class Made in Italy products that ensure comfort and wellness and always an up to date style.
A team of researchers, watching out for the most innovative market trends, works relentlessly in the “FLYFLOT Design” research and development department to find modern lines and trendy materials with increasingly performing technical specifications, the brand new shoes with uppers made with innovative elastic technical materials are an example of this.
The company has invested considerable resources also to bring its production sites to the strict respect for the environment, making the factory increasingly green.
In 1991, Fly Flot was the first brand in Europe to make its products using ecological water-based polyurethane foam. In 2008 the first photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the Isorella production facility and since 2012 the plant has been powered entirely by solar panels.
To be closer to the needs of the end-user, the company uses an extensive points of sale network on the territory, supplied directly by their own distributors, with which it shares information and strategies for an increasingly better customer service.
In the last years exports have increased significantly both in Europe where the brand has been present extensively for many years, and in the other continents where the diffusion is more recent and limited.
Fly Flot is a top-class producer of Made in Italy with more than thirty years of history, that has a single crucial objective: to give the gift of comfort and wellness to the consumer with models with the unique Italian style.
by Mario Pinzi