Ali Reza Arabnia driving the Milan Geico

Geico: the protagonist of a new industrial humanism

At Geico people and the environment are at the centre of the production process. The company is a protagonist of a new industrial humanism with its one-hundred year tradition in industrial engineering and fifty in the sector of turnkey surface treatment and coating plants for the world’s leading automakers. The company represents an entirely Italian heritage that is at the forefront in doing business, in innovation, in dedicating itself to constant research, and in precision and punctuality. Today the company is one of the great symbols of Made in Italy manufacturing. The heritage of the Geico Company, which is located in Cinisello Balsamo in the Province of Milan, is intangible, yet solid and productive at the same time; it comprises know-how, innovation, and continuous investments in research and development, but more especially the company is the owner of revolutionary technology like the J-Flex II, J-Jump, Dryspin, Hydrospin Plus, LeanDip, Drycar, J-Hive, J-Doc, all of which are internationally registered, in addition to various intellectual property rights, patents, and multiple brands. These revolutionary innovations are involved in the whole of the production process from conveyors to octagonal robotised cabins like the “J-Hive” for zero impact coating, to the “Dryflex” energy saving ovens that reduce energy consumption by 40%, to the treatment of industrial waste, and the employment of alternative energy with software like the J-Power that identifies optimal blends of new renewable sources.
Geico solutions for car coating plants are considered the most innovative in the world, because under the same working conditions they offer energy savings of up to 50% compared to those that are currently functioning. Continuous innovation and adaptability make these products unique in the world through a process of constantly evolving research for new technologies.  
Placing people at the centre of the production process once again through their engineering and creative skills, fine tuning technical solutions that respond to growing sustainability demands, safeguarding the environment, and an energy efficient automotive industry make up the philosophy of the owner of Geico, Ali Reza Arabnia, an enlightened industrialist of Persian origin and a naturalized Italian citizen, who has been knighted for his professional services. To reach this goal in 2009 he created the Pardis Innovation Centre, a centre of excellence by definition, and an unparalleled technological hub of research and development in the world. This is where Mr. Arabnia’s avant-garde technological solutions take shape and are signed Geico.
In 2011 Geico forged an alliance with the Japanese company Taikisha confirming its role of leadership in the sector of auto coating plants in all the global markets. Today, the Geico Taikisha Group is at the top of the global market with an average turnover of 1.8 billion Dollars, a workforce of 5,000 people, and over 50 branches in 28 countries throughout the world. Customers of the Geico Taikisha Alliance include major international automakers like Audi, BMW, Chery, Faw, FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, PSA, Qoros, and Renault.

Massimiliano Finzi