Process know-how and product costumization

Gigant Italia, hydraulic presses tailored to all needs

The story of Gigant, the leader in hydraulic presses for sheet metal forming processes, started originally with the idea of reusing salvaged military equipment. In the mid 1950s, with Italy's post-war economic boom in full progress, travelling tool salesman Guido Taddia had a brilliant intuition. While visiting his customers, he came to realize the important role that sheet metal forming machines played in the overall industrial process. Looking around, he thought it might be possible to use parts from the wrecked military equipment that was so plentiful in those years, from destroyed tanks through to aircraft components and scrap iron, to build his first presses. The small workshop that he founded was soon submersed by a flood of orders. It was not difficult to find a workforce in those early days, and the serious will to work was accompanied by a flourishing spirit of enterprise.
Gigant started to work at once on a range of innovative products, special hydraulic presses that could produce large components for use for example in the automotive sector, or for mass productions of pressed parts ready for use.
In recent years the company was taken over by a new ownership structure, and was renamed Gigant Italia Srl. The company now offers several lines of hydraulic presses, manufactured with power ratings varying from a minimum of 400 kN to over 25,000 kN, featuring motorized or unpowered worktables up to more than five metres in length that can be fitted with various accessories for metal forming and cutting and equipment for sheet metal feeding and handling.
Gigant carefully tailors its products to meet the needs of its customers, and its uniqueness lies precisely in this capacity to personalize the machines it supplies. It can offer customers presses designed and constructed in the exact dimensions required, and can also offer auxiliary equipment to create anything up to full production lines.
Gigant can supply entire metal pressing and forming lines for all industrial sectors, including naturally the hydraulic presses that are the fundamental components of all these systems. Projects are developed following customer specifications, exactly like the fitting of a finely tailored suit. Gigant also offers solutions to combine its presses with other machines along the production line to transform raw materials into finished products. As machines are made to order, delivery times are agreed with the customer, and punctuality is always a crucial value for Gigant. When the technical characteristics of a system have been decided, a plan for the insertion of the various machines is also established, to ensure that they are compatible with the required installation and production times.
Today, Gigant is an SME based in Bargellino, a new industrial park just outside Bologna. The company's corporate strategy gives extreme importance to innovation, to ensure that the evolution of its machines keeps pace with the requests of the market.
It also dedicates great attention to environmental compatibility, and has taken part in numerous research and development projects financed at a European level, also collaborating with research agencies and universities in the sector of the green economy. Gigant was a participant in the European Eneplan project, developing a universal software to permit dialogue between machine tools of all types with the aim of reducing energy use and emissions not only into the atmosphere, but also mineral oils, waste materials and by-products that could pollute the environment. Numerous European partners also collaborated in this project.
Gigant is increasingly focused on exports, and the markets of greatest interest are Germany, South America, the Middle East and Asia.
The company's turnover has increased constantly over the last five years, demonstrating a financial solidity that allows it to accept the challenge of the global market with growing optimism.
In line with this trend, in 2014 Gigant Italia srl formed the GIGANT INDUSTRIES Group, incorporating other industrial entities with the purpose of expanding the offered range of products to the market.  Today, the Group operates in the industrial Machine Tools sector for the cold and hot metal forming, and metal sheet thermal cutting and bending. Thus, in addition to the Gigant Italia brand, we find the Promotec LMSC brand that produces Fiber Laser and Plasma cutting machines, and the Fratelli Farina brand that produces Press Brakes, Shears and Special Production Lines for the sheet bending and cutting.
The Group priority is focused on the Research and Development to ensure the integration of the State-of-The-Art Technology in all products range, and in providing an efficient technical After-Sale Service able to meet customers’ expectations, and in proposing custom and flexible solutions.