The dream of Nerino Grassi? Help women feel freer
Making women freer and more beautiful was Nerino Grassi’s successfully met objective, the founder of the Golden Lady Company, a veritable jewel in the Italian industrial scene in the hosiery sector, which is renowned world-wide. The company was born in 1967 in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN), from the brilliant intuition of Nerino Grassi, who wanted to dress every woman’s legs without distinction, whether very young or mature, sophisticated or sporty, classical or innovative. In over 50 years of history, the company has grown thanks to substantial technological investments in research and development, and thanks to the quality of its products and competitive prices. The Group has conquered the European market and has forcefully entered the USA, Russia, and Asia thanks to the quality and originality of its products and through a brilliant process of acquisition of the best national and international hosiery brands including Omsa, Sisì, Filodoro, Pilippe Matignon, No-Nonsense, and Hue.
The Group’s latest novelty is the creation of a new man-made fibre which combines the best characteristics of natural and synthetic fibres for maximum softness, freshness, and resistance. The industrialisation bears the NerinoG Fiber brand name as homage to the owner of the Group, Nerino Grassi. For the first time in 60 years in the man-made synthetic fibre market a new molecule has been created which could revolutionise the textile industry, awarding Italy the role of protagonist in the market. The molecule is the result of 5 years of studies and research carried out in collaboration with the Department of chemistry, materials, and chemical engineering of the Polytechnic of Milan with the American INVISTA Company, one of the largest companies in the world that produce chemical intermediates, polymers, and fibres, with an overall investment to date of over 5 million Euros. The feature of excellence of the new molecule is its great hydrophilic capacity to retain and expel liquids, thus sweat.
The fibre is therefore particularly suited to the creation of sportswear, both specialised technical clothing and leisurewear, and to the manufacturing of underwear, for men and women.
The new fabric could be employed on a large scale in household linen in sectors such as the hospitality business or hospitals, where safety, resistance, and practicality are fundamental. Its competitiveness is also due to the large scale commercialisation of products at affordable prices, presenting itself as a valid alternative to yarns of plant origin. The company also boasts a network of over 500 stores under the Goldenpoint name in Italy and in the world. Golden Lady has a consolidated sales turnover (EU+USA) of over 500 million Euros, and a consolidated Ebitda (EU+USA) of about 58.2 million Euros. It has a world-wide workforce of 6,860 people of which 2,947 are in Italy alone.