Unity makes strength and quality

Latteria Soresina, where love for animals guarantees the finest Made-in-Italy milk and cheese

Not only strength from unity… but also quality! This could be the motto of Latteria Soresina, the historic Cremonese cooperative famous the whole world over for its cheeses like Provolone, Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano and its milk and butter, widely-imitated products that are authentic symbols of Italy’s dynamic agri-food industry. Latteria Soresina is an example of perfect equilibrium between tradition and modernity, and between experience and innovation.It was on a cold February morning in 1900, as a century of anguish and suffering dawned and with the world in the grip of turbulent upheavals, that 19 farsighted farmers met before a notary at Soresina, in the heart of the River Po plain, to create Latteria Soresina. “These first stockbreeders who pooled their resources to overcome the difficulties of the market were later joined by others, until by the 1940s Latteria Soresina had become one of Europe’s largest cooperatives,” as group president Fusar Poli explains. Latteria Soresina now has 220 producer members.
Growing constantly, the cooperative helped to establish the Assolatte dairy association, and together with other companies founded the Grana Padano Consortium in 1954, and later the Provolone Consortium. “Our story has coincided with the story of a century of Italian life,” continues Poli. Around 1925, Latteria Soresina was the first company to export cheese to the USA.

The cooperative’s points of strength are the exceptionally high quality of its products, and its extreme attention to final consumers. The group has successfully responded to the challenge of the growing phenomenon of food intolerances by developing new lactose-free products like butter, UHT milk and Soresino mild stretched curd cheese.
Another factor behind this success is Latteria Soresina’s corporate philosophy, which puts people at the centre of the company’s interests – a company can grow only if its people grow. Latteria Soresina employs some 530 persons, and its mission is to involve these people with shared values, targets and corporate strategies. Particular attention is dedicated to training, with every employee receiving 15 hours annually.
The high quality of products derives above all, as Poli explains, from the great care Latteria Soresina devotes to its animals. Animal welfare is fundamental for the company. This means the application of avant-garde stock-keeping methods, with cowsheds fitted with water sprays for cooling in summer and special mattresses in stalls to ensure better repose. “We use a whole series of techniques to make sure our animals live longer and more healthily, because a cow living in better conditions gives better milk,” Poli tells us. Latteria Soresina is also committed to environmental respect, with an energy saving programme and a plan for the reduction of pollutant emissions.
The group has tripled its turnover in the last ten years, and it is now approaching €330m. Foreign sales have quadrupled over the last eight years, and Latteria Soresina now exports to over 60 countries. The two European markets showing the greatest growth are France (+47%) and Germany (+27%). Performance is also positive in the United States, with an increase in exports of 17%.