We believe in the quality of ancient traditions

Molino F.lli Chiavazza, a protagonist of Made in Italy in the excellence of ancient milling traditions

Italy boasts an ancient milling tradition, which represents a strategic sector for our country. Flours and durum wheat semolina - deriving from the processing of common wheat and durum wheat - are the basic ingredients of many confectionery products, bread and pasta, foods that are symbols of Made in Italy and go to make up the Mediterranean diet.
Operating in this context is Molino F.lli Chiavazza, a company founded in Casalgrasso (CN) in 1955, leader in the production of preparations for cakes, fresh pasta and bakery products and flours packaged for end consumers.
This Made in Italy company, today run by Luigi Chiavazza, CEO of the company and representative of the third generation, has its business roots in the quality of ancient traditions.
With its proprietary brand name "il Molino", it ranks fourth in Italy in the packaged flour sector, with 34,000 tonnes per year, or 16.6% of the domestic market.
The Group has two main production facilities - Casalgrasso (CN) and Pancalieri (TO), and a logistics hub in the former Teskid area of Carmagnola.
At Casalgrasso, Molino F.lli Chiavazza SPA, the parent company, processes common wheat and packs common and durum wheat flours, with a daily production capacity of 300 tonnes of finished packaged product. In Pancalieri is the headquarters of the subsidiary AL.NA. Srl, which produces, prepares, packages and markets cereal flour and its by-products. In this facility, flour, semolina, meal, polenta and various food specialities are packaged, such as powdered preparations for cakes, puddings, creams, yeasts in sachets and mixtures for bread and bakery products. In 2015, a specific department was set up to manufacture products specifically formulated for people intolerant to gluten.
The Casalgrasso company, together with its subsidiary AL.NA. of Pancalieri and the logistics hub of Carmagnola, has 48 employees and in 2016 the Group achieved a turnover of 42 million euros.
Molino F.lli Chiavazza's primary objective has always been quality, in order to maintain a competitive edge over its direct competitors, with the aim of achieving growth in both market share and margins. For this reason, the internal laboratory controls all stages of production and carries out a complete range of tests (chemical-physical and rheological-fermentative) on raw materials, intermediate production, finished products and by-products.
Besides the quality of its products, one of the Group's primary levers is logistics. Hence, the production units are located in strategic positions, i.e. close to motorway junctions and have a central location both in relation to the main Italian commercial ports (120 km from Savona Vado and 200 km from Genoa) and to major railway junctions (20 km from Orbassano-Sito, 140 km from Modane (France).
The growing attention to quality, logistics and organization have enabled the company to gain the trust of major customers not only in Italy, but also worldwide.
Mario Pinzi