On the pedestal of the attention,
customer needs
Tailor-made solutions combining advanced technology, artisan expertise and excellence in research, in innovation, and above all in quality. Attention is focused totally on customer needs, with an all-Italian capacity to find solutions and apply creativity to solve problems, with a brilliant stroke of innovative inventiveness where the human touch is however always central, decisive and indispensable.
Passion, loyalty to our traditions and an almost obsessive dedication to the quest for quality are the keys to the success of MP Filtri. The company was founded at Pessano con Bornago in the province of Milan in 1964 by Bruno Pasotto, and the successful direction on which he launched the company is today carried forward by his son Giovanni, now the general manager, and his daughter Monica, the company’s CFO. The principles of integrity, transparency, loyalty, sincerity and punctuality are crucial factors in the strategy with which the company approaches its customers and the market. MP Filtri is a company firmly rooted in the present, but with a wealth of past experience behind it, and it has become a leader in the field of hydraulic filtration, a part of Italian industrial history and of Made-in-Italy excellence. From Bruno Pasotto it has inherited the same respect for the people who work for the company, and the fundamental importance of their training. Today, the company’s filters and measurement and control technologies are used in a wide range of industrial sectors, including mobile machinery, in tractors, excavators, concrete pumps, aerial platforms and waste compactors, lubrication applications, the oil and gas industry, renewable energy systems like wind farms, naval engineering and offshore installations. MP Filtri can rightly claim that it has redesigned the production geography of an entire sector, without fear of contradiction.
With a workforce of 200 people in Italy and 100 abroad, and an additional production facility in England, the company now exports 70% of its production throughout the world, and has eight branches in the UK, Germany, France, Canada, China, Russia, USA and India. It supplies components to groups like JCB and Caterpillar, and by now has a turnover of more than €40m. It can manufacture a comprehensive variety of products to satisfy many industrial activities, capable of successfully competing on the international markets in all sectors where hydraulic actuator systems are used, including return, suction, in-line and pressure filters and structural components like bell-housings for pump/motor assemblies and transmission couplings.
The company’s principal strength lies in its capacity to develop all its products in-house, from design through to casting and manufacturing for every single product. Present for over 50 years on the market, the company has played a truly decisive role in defining its sector, and is now a group capable of controlling the entire production chain, monitoring all manufacturing processes to guarantee quality and uniqueness, and providing concrete solutions for the rapidly evolving needs of customers and the market. Its success is solidly based on constant research and innovation, allowing it to design and develop new and highly innovative products every year, and above all on its resolute faith in made-in-Italy excellence and in its country’s manufacturing capacities.   

Massimiliano Finzi