Controlling noise brings a better quality of life
Where could a company dedicated to measuring noise pollution be set up except in Turin, where the car growl myth was born?
Ntek, a Turin-based company founded in 2013, specializes in the production of products and services for noise and vibration measurement and control in all areas of acoustics (automotive, industrial, construction, transport and environment).
Measuring and controlling noise brings well-being and a better quality of life. Faced with this truth, Ntek has become a top-ranking specialist in the sector and a prestigious standard-setter at European level, providing added value to Made in Italy. This is the strategic lever behind the company. In just a few years, the Ntek has established itself as a leader in the design, development and production of innovative solutions that combine simplicity, ease of use and transportability of machinery.
The founder of this all-Italian company is Giancarlo Sassi, Ntek’s current CEO, who has managed to project the company onto international markets, especially in Europe, numerous Asian countries and the United States. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, he set his sights on utmost integrity by reducing one of the evils that make human beings increasingly deafer.
Ntek's products and services find application in all areas where noise levels undermine the hearing of the community. In the civil sector, they are used outdoors to monitor public peace and quiet for the benefit of the whole community and in building environments to improve and optimize the quality and comfort of housing. In the industrial sector, they are mainly used in workplaces for the assessment of workers' exposure to noise, vibrations and sound frequencies emitted by machines. Ntek also markets specific products and software for the acquisition and processing of data with cutting-edge technologies to pre-assess the acoustic impact in the environment of different sound sources (industrial, road and railroad, construction sites, outdoor activities and shows).
Thanks to investments in research, Ntek is able to offer its customers a unique measurement standard and, through its new 500 sq m operating facility, equipped with an efficient logistics system, also a speedy assistance service.
Market shares are split up as follows: 50% EU, 20% non-EU and 30% Italy. In addition, the company employs highly-skilled and specialised personnel in its Research & Development department. It is also a "green company", with constant focus on the environment and continuous improvement of quality and safety in industrial processes.
Ntek's equipment has numerous certifications that testify to its quality and compliance with EU directives. The company periodically checks the metrological quality of its products and has won numerous awards for the technical characteristics of its equipment.
Ntek is therefore a one-of-a-kind company which has made expertise and ongoing innovation its strong points.