A far-from-conventional 
self-made man
An adventurous life working as a bookseller, an importer of cotton from America, a boatbuilder, a driver in famous motor races and a helicopter pilot. And then the invention of a machine to make tubes, which he installed in a garage. This is how Giuseppe Bottanelli started, a far-from-conventional self-made man and a seriously hard worker, rechristened the "King of Steel", born in 1937 and the founder and current chairman of the Profilmec Group, a leader in the production of high-frequency electrically welded precision steel pipes and profile sections.
By now the group can boast well over half a century of history and success, but it all started during the war, when Giuseppe's father and his brother Antonio bought two trucks and set up as the Fratelli Bottanelli transport company, where Giuseppe took his first steps in the business world. At the age of 20 he took a diploma as a surveyor, and moved into the sector of tube production.
At the beginning things were very difficult, but the future chairman was willing to turn his hand to anything that had to be done, and over the years the situation improved, thanks to a series of farsighted operations and winning moves that saw the birth of a significantly important enterprise. Today, this jewel of Made-in-Italy excellence, with its roots firmly planted in the second half of the last century, has sales revenues of about €250m and five production facilities between its headquarters in Turin and Cuneo, Pordenone and Teramo, with a total covered area of 120,000 m2, 40 tube profilers, 11 cutting lines and almost 500 workers.
The Profilmec Group has a 45% share of the Italian market and 55% of the world market, where it is present with its own sales network throughout Europe and on the main markets of the entire Mediterranean basin. With its great expertise acquired over the decades and a consolidated presence on the global market, Profilmec can now boast a position of undisputed leadership in its sector, offering an ample and diversified range of products for use in the automotive, bicycle and motorbike industries, furniture for homes and gardens, camping equipment, children’s articles, toys, household goods, radiators and the building trade, and in all other industrial sectors manufacturing similar products.
The group also owns Rolm Srl, an important industrial machinery producer, and Sit SpA, a commercial company and services centre. The use of top-quality materials from major Italian and world steel producers, together with advanced technology, allows Profilmec to offer its customers constant and dependable collaboration. The company also uses state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery featuring innovative technologies, and its assets of experience and expertise go far beyond its core business of tube production.
Other strong points of the group are its manufacturing traditions, prompt deliveries, respect for the environment and human dignity, and continuous research to develop technological innovations. It also dedicates great attention to enhancing human resources and professional skills and motivation at all levels, as demonstrated by the long service of its highly skilled workers. Profilmec is therefore a unique business reality, an outstanding blend of experience, skill, professionalism and technology at the service of its customers.

Mario Pinzi