"Naturally" artificial rocks

RiminiRock, when “Made in Italy” becomes a Fellini film set

Transforming a pool into a work of art. This is the mission of RiminiRock, a company based obviously in Rimini and founded over 30 years ago, which has developed a unique product with a high visual and emotional impact. Swimming pools, but even the rooms of a sauna or a Turkish bath, can become nothing less than veritable scenographies combining technology, emotions, appearance and functionality. Using special cements, selected quartz crystals, fibreglass and solvent-free colours, RiminiRock reproduces rocks that are then fitted together to recreate a natural environment. A simple pool merges seamlessly into its surroundings, and a sauna or Turkish bath are changed into a magical grotto, as RiminiRock installations become sensorial experiences. Swimming in one of these remarkable pools or soaking up the steam in a sauna seemingly carved into the solid rock is like being in a film set.
The idea came from a brilliant intuition of entrepreneur Giancarlo Lega, from Rimini like famous film director Federico Fellini, who from his homeland has absorbed a profound taste for the extraordinary and for experimentation. There’s something particularly cinematographic in the installations of RiminiRock. Visiting America’s theme parks, and above all the one at Orlando, Giancarlo Lega was impressed by how scenery imitating natural environments could be created by using artificial rocks. From this came his idea of enhancing swimming pools with scenographies featuring rock replicas. His creativity gave the spark for the necessary technologies, and the result was products that are truly unique.
Every customer can rely on receiving a completed project without parallels. Several VIP clients have commissioned the services of RiminiRock, such as Silvio Berlusconi and the Gardaland theme park, and even a number of American film studios are showing an interest in this Rimini company that stands out so brilliantly for its creative skills, which are a fine example of “Made in Italy” artisan prowess.
Many requests from the clients of this outstanding Italian enterprise are for something special, something different.
In Bangkok, RiminiRock built a pool on the roof of a skyscraper for a wealthy Indian businessman who wanted something with great visual impact. Also by RiminiRock are the highly popular themed suites of the Motel K at Casei Gerola in the province of Pavia, where every room of 45 square metres has a whirlpool tub with a waterfall feature, with every suite different from the others. So not only private residences, but also hotels and wellness centres. Architect Giancarlo Lega has completed projects of various types and in different settings for a value of over €20m.
In addition to rocks, Lega’s scenographies also feature reproductions of statues, trees and even blankets of snow, and all this is done with maximum respect for the environment and using eco-friendly materials. Indeed, these installations blend in with nature, becoming an integral part of it. A sauna seems to have been excavated from solid rock, and a swimming pool appears to amplify the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Another factor that makes this company so unique is its punctuality in the final delivery of projects, and every order has guaranteed completion times, making it exceptionally competitive on the international market.