The lifestyle of the sliding door

Scrigno, the intuition of a carpenter who “made the doors of success slide open”

An artisan and a carpenter who at the age of fifty started over again in a sector that was completely new to him. That is who is behind the success of the Scrigno Group. A company whose Headquarters are in Sant’Ermete, an area of Santarcangelo di Romagna in the Province of Rimini. The company is a champion of Made in Italy manufacturing and an undisputed leader in the sector of counter frames for sliding doors.
It all began in 1989 when, following the manufacturing of a sliding door for an American customer, Giuseppe Berardi began thinking of alternatives to classic sliding doors that would transform them into new and original products compared to the ones existing on the market. That is how he had a brilliant intuition: a counter frame like a metal box that is set into a wall which contains a sliding system. This idea resulted in the innovative solution of a door that completely disappears from sight.   
To his daughter, Mariacristina Berardi, who is now at the helm of the company as sole director, her father often confided that at the age of fifty he would create something original and unique. That was his dream, and it came true to such an extent that the Scrigno brand is now synonymous with disappearing sliding doors. In the space of 25 years, the company, thanks to the high quality of its products and services, has managed to occupy a position of leadership in the production, marketing, and sales of counter frames for disappearing sliding doors and windows, and today it is a solid Group which has become a reference point in its sector at a global level. Its success was also possible thanks to another of Giuseppe Berardi’s winning intuitions. In fact, this artisan turned entrepreneur understood the importance of communication strategies and marketing right from the start. Thus since the 90’s the Group has accurately and strategically invested large sums in this sector, initially through sports sponsorship – the one that stands out is the sponsorship of the cycling team (amateurs and subsequently professionals) thanks to which the Scrigno brand has been promoted throughout Italy and Europe. After this, investments were made in the press, followed by television and radio advertising, and sponsorship by the Formula One team.    
The third intuition at Scrigno was the handover of company leadership to the younger generation.  A few years after the establishment of the company, the father handed over his position at the helm to his children, avoiding the family quarrels and struggles that so often characterize family-run businesses. With the same determination as her father, Mariacristina, aged 49, has been in the company for over twenty years as sole director, leading a holding which today boasts subsidiaries in France, Spain, and the Czech Republic, in order to preside over the most important markets as effectively as possible, since 65% of the company’s turnover is generated abroad, especially in the French market, followed by Italy, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, and other European countries.
Attention to research is another of the company’s fundamental strategies, to the point that in the last five years alone investments have been made worth over 10 million Euros, which has led to devising other more complex solutions that meet various residential requirements, in addition to the classic sliding door that disappears from view.  
Scrigno is also involved in environmental safety. Materials even undergo radioactive tests to analyse lots that come from less well-known origins. Though not officially required by law, Scrigno carries out these tests because safety and quality are fundamental concepts that enable the company to guarantee its products 100%.
Lastly, this champion of Made in Italy manufacturing can also guarantee fast and punctual deliveries. The warehouse boasts 25 thousand finished products to ensure delivery of materials in three days, for standard orders, or seven days, for made-to-measure ones (over 97% of orders are processed in 3 to 7 days).