The speed of change is our true mission
Top quality, customer satisfaction and prompt delivery are the strong points of Sirio Antenne, a company based in Volta Mantovana (MN) specialized in the design and production of telecommunication antennas.
This jewel of Made in Italy, set in a small town near Lake Garda, established in 1972 thanks to the intuition of founder Giuseppe Grazioli, has, in just a few years, managed to impose itself on the fierce competition of North European and American manufacturers which until then had totally dominated the industry in Europe.
Sirio Antenne introduces Italy as a protagonist in the telecommunications business and, when it subsequently has to come up against Asian competition, which practises the policy of maximum price reduction, it succeeds – not without difficulty – in coming out the winner precisely because of the high quality guaranteed by Made in Italy and the attention paid to the customer.
During the great global crisis, when many Italian and European companies reacted by relocating production activities to countries with lower labour costs and tax benefits, Sirio Antenne, directed by Stefania Grazioli, the company's current sole director, chose to remain faithful to its Italian origins and make the defence of Made in Italy an added value.
The areas of application of its antennas are many and vary according to radio frequency. They are used in the fields of civil protection, emergency (ambulances, fire-fighters, police forces, etc.), safety, aviation, etc. With the advent of wireless communications, the areas of application have expanded considerably. We have gone from the mere 'VOICE' transmission of the past, to 'DATA' transmission, with solutions that make easier the daily lives of people, such as dialogue with machines or between machines, also known as M2M.
The reliability and quality of Sirio's raw materials stem from the attention the company pays to production processes, which are recognized worldwide. This makes its products highly reliable for installations requiring very limited maintenance. The company boasts the primacy of customer satisfaction, reaching 80% loyalty, and the almost total absence of product defects.  
The Mantua company, through its own Research Centre, has focused its investments on expanding the production of small parts used for over 250 models of antennas and equipment for the design, control and testing of products to ensure maximum flexibility of the company in order to cater to the needs of a constantly changing market.
Cutting-edge technology and undisputed quality have enabled Sirio Antenne to conquer large market shares abroad. Through a widespread distribution network, it covers most European countries, Russia and the Middle East. 
Since 2014, due to the serious economic crisis and the difficult political/commercial situation of the former Soviet Union, Sirio Antenne, like many other European companies, has inevitably seen its Russian market collapse. To make up for this, the company has launched an expansion plan for the marketing of its products in the United States, a rather difficult market due to strong American protectionism, which can only be conquered by product quality and reliability.
The re-conquest of the Russian market and entry onto the American market are the great challenges facing Sirio Antenne in coming years.

Mario Pinzi