We all have ability and imagination,
just try
«We all have skills and imagination, you just need to try”. It is with this simple recipe that Roberto Dalla Valle has created the success of Stone Italiana, a leading-edge manufacturer of recomposed quartz and marble surfaces. The adventure of this Made in Italy jewel began in 1979 in a small town in the Province of Verona when Roberto Dalla Valle, who owned a lithography studio that printed paper and cardboard, decided to turn over a leaf and face new challenges in a sector that was completely novel for him. The job offer of a friend who was in touch with a company that produced marble processing machinery was the spark that ignited Dalla Valle’s brilliant intuition: creating products with scrap material, which, due to its neutral colour, could be tinted in keeping with changing fashions.  
Thus continuous research and experimentation, and a careful eye for current trends are the factors behind the success of Stone Italiana, which today is a market leader in its sector thanks to the uniqueness of its products with their enhanced mechanical strength, reduced sheet thickness and weight, innovative colours and textures, and mixture compositions and grades, which are tailored to customers’ needs.  
The creativity of Stone Italiana is one of its distinctive features. Its products comprise mother of pearl, brass filaments, and production scraps from the microelectronic industry, which have enabled the company to patent the first static dissipative floor of its kind, as well as materials with a strong aesthetic impact like the “Juta” collection, designed in collaboration with Architects Palmeri and Jannelli&Volpi: embossed wallpaper like a raw jute sack which is placed between the press and the mould during printing to create a surface that looks like fabric. The Luxury Collection introduced semi-precious gemstones (fire agate, sodalite, jadeite, pink quartz, amethyst, and red jasper); while in 2003 three completely original series were created including Jaipur, which features sheets of material with unique irregular surfaces that afford a fabulous tactile experience. Thanks to a special rippled effect these surfaces also reflect light with an emotional impact. Lastly, the latest product which Stone Italiana interprets and produces with skilful craftsmanship is similar to natural Calacatta, which is very rare on the market.
The personalisation of products is another almost exclusive feature of Stone Italiana. In 1982 Fendi, the renowned fashion house, sent the company a beam covered in leather requesting the creation of a floor of the same hue. They only needed 120m of it, but above all they wanted the exclusive rights of the product: it was a great success. Just like the flooring at the “EX Unione Militare” building for Benetton in via del Corso in Rome. Architect Fuksas wanted something special and unique, so Stone Italiana created large intersecting circles without cutting into the stone, resulting in a handcrafted article of extreme precision. Nowadays many fashion companies choose Stone Italiana to create an identity for the image of their stores around the world.
«Whoever has an idea should lay it down” says Roberto Dalla Valle, highlighting the importance of continuous experimentation and the involvement of everybody in company choices. Among these two new entrepreneurial projects stand out. One is linked to the company’s great concern for energy saving. Stone Italiana has entered the sector of solar panels with a very original idea: a dual system that produces thermal energy for hot water and electricity, which has given birth to the self-sufficient technological home.
The other project in the field of prefabricated bathrooms involves an innovative technique that allows for the creation of bathroom modules with a high technological efficiency and savings in building site logistics.  
All the above features and punctual deliveries make Stone Italiana an undisputed market leader in Italy and abroad (today export accounts for 60% of business) with a global turnover of over 40 million Euros.