A young entrepreneur at the helm of the "giant" of pressure vessel 
The colossal observation wheel which in 2018 will stand out in the north eastern area of Staten Island (St. George) bears the signature of the Italian Company Walter Tosto. This steel giant, which weighs 2,500 tons is 192 m tall and has a diameter of 183 m, is set to become one of the Big Apple’s main attractions like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.
The load-bearing structure (support, wheel and spokes) is manufactured by Walter Tosto. With this project the Ortona Company, a world leader in the pressure equipment sector, born 55 years ago from the bold intuition of Walter Tosto a blacksmith who wanted to take on the world, and which is now being led by the second generation of the Tosto family, has reconfirmed itself as a jewel in the crown of the Made in Italy scene, an undisputed reference point for the manufacturing of huge infrastructure. The New York Wheel, in New York, will be the largest observation wheel in the world together with the one that is under construction in Dubai. It will also become the city’s main attraction with its innovative capsules that can even contain a restaurant and that will be available for private parties. 
This engineering jewel, which will overlook Manhattan, will also become the symbol of Made in Italy’s competitiveness and of the challenges faced by a group like Walter Tosto which in half a century has greatly diversified and expanded its scope of interest. Precision, guaranteed completion by the deadline, and high technology are the qualities that have made this company from Abruzzo competitive. A company that has also drawn its strength from its skill in carrying out the generational transition smoothly, though the ownership of this Ltd Company is still firmly in the hands of the family.
The company’s participation in the construction of the New York Wheel came after the creation of a large mechanical workshop in the Ortona plant, an additional strength that enabled the company to rightfully take part in the bid for the wheel. The Group also beat its competitors thanks to its capacity to work to such short deadlines. But the Walter Tosto Company had already flexed its muscles for this race against time on many prior occasions.
To create the structures of the wheel the company has bought the largest milling machine in existence. In addition to the petrochemical, oil and gas sectors for which the company constructs pressure equipment, the other industrial sectors it operates in are those that require welding and mechanical skills. This involves taking part in the construction of large infrastructure such as bridges and outstanding engineering projects and employing machinery that is unique in the world and that requires high precision and technological skill.
Together with a pool of international companies, Walter Tosto is taking part in a project to create the world’s largest telescope.
The Group from Ortona is among the 15-20 companies of international stature that have the know-how and skill to create such large and sophisticated components for the metallurgic sector.
Innovation is a dogma and a challenge for this Made in Italy jewel which has reached a turnover of around 100 million Euros, and which counts over 550 employees.